It's no surprise that New Jersey is home to some of the best food on the planet. Never mind those that are specifically in Jersey, because even some of the chains know how to make a great meal.

Whether regional or national, certain chains just stand taller than the rest. And with good reason, too.

In fact, some of the locations on this list have already proven themselves super popular within The Great Garden State. And aside from a classic Jersey diner, these places certainly hit the spot.

Check out the top 20 must-try fast food places across the country, including the ones that are right here in the Great Garden State. Trust me, you won't be shocked one bit when you see some of the locations that made the list.

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Wawa on the Black Horse Pike in Williamstown NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Wawa on the Black Horse Pike in Williamstown NJ - Photo: Google Maps

Of course, Wawa made the list as a must-try for anyone in the country. Who doesn't love Wawa in New Jersey?

Wawa has been expanding throughout the Great Garden State, but at the moment they're more of a regional chain so most of the country wouldn't know what it's all about.

And then there's one that clearly screams Jersey even more than Wawa. Of course, we're talking about White Castle.

Fast-Food Restaurants Cater To Late-Night Hunger
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Friendly's also made the cut, hopefully for their ice cream sundae. But regardless of the reason any of these made the list, one thing is for sure. We love them here in New Jersey.

With that said, what's your favorite place in New Jersey, or what place would you like to see in The Garden State that currently doesn't exist here? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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