The reason my sister and I flew to Italy was to meet her daughter after she completed a month-long intensive Italian language course.  My niece has really connected with Italian language and culture so it was a pleasure having her with us for 2 weeks of exploration following her college coursework.

As it was vacation time for her mother and me, we enjoyed eating out for lunch and dinner every day.  That means we consumed Italian food for 14 days in a row.  It's my favorite cuisine so I'll never tire of it.  But my niece, after 6 weeks of pasta and pizza, had had enough.  She was longing for some different flavors.

Her wish after arriving back in New Jersey?  To go eat dinner at a real Jersey diner.

I totally understand her craving.   There's so much to love about diner menus.

  • They're huge with a wide variety of foods to satisfy any mood.
  • The prices are generally good and you get a lot for your money.
  • They serve breakfast all day and who doesn't love that option?

What's the best thing about Jersey diners in YOUR opinion?



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