Thank you for so many votes, school spirit is so bright in Ocean County.

I love a friendly competition among our Ocean County High Schools. Our top 3 were Jackson Memorial High School, Jackson Liberty High School, and Manchester High School.

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I tried to play several instruments as a youth - the clarinet, flute, and the drums. I just couldn't do it. Looking back now, I guess I didn't give it enough time to learn. The marching band always had a little club and I think I secretly always wanted to be a part of it. That's why I would sit next to them in the bleachers. I wanted to be a part of their passion and school spirit.

We have the "best" marching bands in Ocean County. Even this year with Covid-19, it's not stopping the marching band from performing on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. They are still in band competition and when I take my daughter to an afterschool activity, I love seeing the marching band practicing in the front of the building.

I love a good competition. Every year I look forward to this "friendly" competition. It's time to name the WINNER of the "BEST" Marching Band in Ocean County. It was so close between Jackson Memorial High School and Jackson Liberty High School. I loved watching the voting it was back and forth, it was exciting. The WINNER of the "Best" Marching Band in Ocean County is Jackson Memorial High School.

Congratulations to the Jackson Memorial High School Marching Band.

Sue Moll
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