Last week Piers Morgan revealed that he will not be returning to America's Got Talent, so the great wheel of potential replacements has begun to spin.

It seems like AGT has changed cast members more often than Cher changes outfits at a Vegas show. In the show's six year run, it's been hosted by Regis Philbin, Jerry Springer, and currently Nick Cannon. David Hasslehoff has famously sat on the judging panel, as did Brandy (for a hot second) and of course now Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel hit the big red buttons.

AGT may not be as big as American Idol, but Piers Morgan is the only person who's been there the whole time, so his leaving is more or less comparable to Simon Cowell's exit from Idol (coincidentally, Simon is a producer on AGT).

So who do you think should sit in the snarky Brit's seat next season? Howard Stern is trying to make a case for himself and is allegedly already in negotiations.

Unlike a lot of cast changes on other shows, there haven't been a whole lot of big names thrown around (a la the Idol overhaul). So let's hear what you have to say, who do you think would be a good judge for America's Got Talent?

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