The Rolling Stones just announced they will be playing some stadiums this Spring and Summer, including Med Life Stadium in East Rutherford June 13th.  For devoted fans, it will be another chance to see the guys play.  For other fans, it will be an opportunity to FINALLY see them.

News of the band's tour got me thinking about legendary artists that I wish I could have a chance to see.  Among those who are dead or no longer performing together:

  • Simon and Garfunkel
  • Prince
  • The Beatles

And of those performers who are still making music, these are on my list of acts I hope to see someday:

  • Lady Gaga
  • Bruno Mars
  • Madonna

What musicians do you regret never having seen in concert?  Are you a Jersey kid who never got to a Bruce, Bon Jovi, or Sinatra show?  Do you wish you had seen Whitney or The Carpenters when they were still around?

Please share your Live Music Wish List in the Comments section.  The acts can be dead or alive, currently active or from decades ago.



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