So we are just a few days away from the "unofficial" start of Summer 2014 and something dawned on me .... the sounds.

One of the most relaxing parts of Summer to me is the sounds .... those distant noises that help to relax us and in some cases .... puts us to sleep on a beautiful day.

Don't get me wrong .... I use my iphone a lot at the beach to listen to WOBM & music, but sometimes you just need the simple sounds ( if your battery runs out lol )

Next time your laying out in your backyard, poolside or at the beach, listen for the sounds that relax .... Here are some I wanna highlight.

  • a low flying plane
  • lawnmower
  • waves
  • kids playing
  • birds
  • wind chimes
  • wind
  • ice cream truck music ( wait that gets me up and looking for my wallet )
  • boat


Remember this Holiday Weekend to take a few minutes , lay back .... and enjoy the Sounds of Summer.

What is your favorite ?