I’m sure there were many of you who took shots Tuesday at meteorologists like our own Dan Zarrow as the expected winter storm sort of fizzled out, at least for most of Ocean County and the Jersey Shore.

Predicting the weather is not now and likely never will be an exact science although I think what upsets people the most is how emphatic forecasters sometimes are with their words. When they tell people to consider changing their plans or advise them to stay at home and bad weather misses that’s a surefire way to tick people off.

I think it is fair to question Governor Murphy’s declaration of a State of Emergency on Monday night which led to school delays and closings.  I’m sure in certain parts of the state that might have been justified but for much of our area it was smooth sailing Tuesday unless you were afraid of a little rain.

Of course it is better to err on the side of caution and by reducing traffic it did allow crews to at least get salt out on roadways without interruption.

The funniest part of all of this is the media which often overhypes weather events and clearly did so in this case.  You would have thought an epic storm was coming leading up to the latest mostly non-event and my favorite was a mobile news crew from a New York TV station reporting from the Toms River area on Tuesday morning when nothing and I mean nothing was happening.

They kept going back to them for live shots which showed rain and not much else.

However in fairness you likely saw that in other parts of New Jersey Tuesday was more than just a miserable day as a combination of snow, ice and rain did make travel quite treacherous and led to numerous accidents and even road closings.

Even today there are schools in Morris County and other northern areas that have delayed openings and the bottom line is we were lucky that this latest storm did not deliver the expected wallop.Let’s hope that luck continues for another month or so.



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