It's officially summer at the Jersey Shore and we will likely see crowds as we've never seen before. One coastal town isn't messing around when it comes to behavior.

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra was not happy with what happened last summer in his town. Arrests were up due to urinating in public, marijuana, littering, and crowds that were described as unruly.

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Jenkinson's and other boardwalk establishments have signed on to keep visitors in order.

The State ABC has identified certain areas that will allow alcohol. When hitting the beach, your cooler can not be bigger than 13 inches and tents can max out at 7x7 feet. Pt. Pleasant Beach officials say that they will be checking these items before beachgoers hit the sand. Patrol vehicles will be riding up and down the beaches. Additionally, “disruptive noise from speakers of all kinds” will not be allowed. Please stream 94.3 The Point at a respectful volume, or thrown in your buds. Ha.

But what about other areas of Pt. Pleasant Beach? I wouldn't worry. According to, the borough will have 38 additional officers patrolling the beachfront area this summer. There will also be more police shifts made available which mean more cops on duty.

Jenkinson’s has agreed to do their part by hiring more private security guards and off-duty police officers. Plus, more trash cans are in place with more staff keeping up with the garbage.

 The Mayor is determined. He said in a statement:
We will ultimately do whatever is necessary to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for guests from all over New Jersey.

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