The weekend was full of some really memorable moments with friends so I decided to write about the power of friendships.

My one friend has just moved here from Pittsburgh and she only knows a couple of people, including me.  So I've been taking her out to networking events and introducing her to my friends with hopes that she'll start to feel at home here.

I know how scary it can be to move to a new place and how good it feels to make human connections so I'm doing what I can to help.  When I first moved to a new place, a girlfriend hosted a tea party at her place so I could meet some of her friends.  They soon became my friends so last night's dinner party was just me paying it forward.

I have to acknowledge the awesomeness of my friends who are welcoming MB with open arms.  Within minutes, everyone who meets her is offering job leads and  exchanging LinkedIn information.  They're truly willing to help someone they hardly know.  I'm so touched by that!

They're acting like any friend of mine is a friend of theirs and that's a beautiful thing.

Do you have a story about a friend really coming through for you?  Or do you want to give a shout out to a pal who's always there when you need her/him?  Please do so in the Comments section.

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