They say everything old is new again.  That seems very true this holiday season with the resurgence of turntables, big headphones and instant print cameras.  Have you seen the new Polaroids in the stores?  They’re selling their “magic” cameras to a new generation of selfie loving teens.  The other big name in the market is the Instax by Fuji.  The prints are smaller than when we were growing up but the novelty, I’m sure, will cause a lot of smiles this holiday season.

And have you noticed that turntables are on many people’s wish lists?  Some swear the sound is better than that of CD so they’re getting the new record players and buying vinyl albums again.

And remember in the 70s when it was so cool to listen to your music wearing these big headphones with the cord connected to the stereo?  Today such listening devices are not limited to basements.  People are walking around major cities wearing them proudly.

What do you think about the popularity of all of these old things?  Do you think people are interested because they’re different from what everyone else has?  Do you feel nostalgic when you think of your time with the original Polaroids, turntables and big headphones?

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