Since blogging Wednesday about home-made gifts, I got inspired to shop for some.  So I went on  Are you familiar with that site?  It's an online marketplace for things that are artsy and unique.  Its website says, "We provide a meaningful space for sellers to turn their creative passions into opportunity. We enable buyers to discover unique items made with care."

What I like about Etsy is that you can search for categories like "Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts," and "Gifts for Best Friends."  If you have a particular price point in mind you can search for that.  And if you're looking for items that celebrate your love of The Jersey Shore, just type "Jersey Shore" in the search field.  Look at the pages and pages of cool items that show up!

Are you one of the talented vendors who sells on Etsy?  If so, use the Comments section to tells us about your work.  Do you have a favorite seller on that site?  What is it that you like to buy?


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