It’s three months until the presidential election and one thing is apparent: there is a viciousness to this campaign that starts at the top and goes all the way to the bottom. And it has to stop now.

The top of course is made up of the two major candidates in Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.  I’m not getting into specifics but they both have shown the ability to play in the gutter and it’s time for them to raise their game and act presidential.

The odds are that Clinton has a much better chance to do that and frankly I think she’ll win easily if she plays nice, talks about herself and not her opponent and simply gives the majority of voters the impression that she is more deserving of living in the White House.

Trump of course shoots from the hip and indeed it’s part of his charm and what has attracted so many to his side. But like a surprise team that gets to the Super Bowl you sometimes have to change your game plan if you want to win on the biggest stage.  Now that he’s a finalist for the most important office in the world his message has to change or frankly he’ll be out of the game by halftime.

It appears Trump does not listen to his campaign advisors or even his family because you have to assume some of them are pleading with him to think before he speaks, something he is not very good at.  His recent comments about the family of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq were so inappropriate that even his supporters were appalled.

The bottom line of all this is made up of you and me.  I have noticed that Facebook comments about the election have a bitterness to them that I have not seen before and that’s largely due to the differences between the candidates.  However we have to raise the bar and at times simply agree to disagree as opposed to bashing each other which serves no purpose.  The only thing we know for sure is there will be a new president in January and regardless of who it is life will go on.


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