Movie theatres have sure changed over the years. Growing up they were pretty simple. Big flat screen and speakers for sound and hard chairs with some slight elevation through the theatre, nothing too extravagant.


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Concessions were simple with soda, popcorn, and a small choice of candy. We really didn't know any better so it seemed fine and because our TVs at home were so small and limited, the big movie screen was a welcome way to watch a movie. We didn't have 75-inch TVs with streaming at home, so it was a great night out when you went to the movies.

We didn't have a ton of theatres either to choose from. Growing up in Southern Ocean County we had to go to the Ocean County Mall to see a movie. The Mall theatre opened after the Dover Theatre on Route 37 closed. There was a small theatre on Long Beach Island but that was only open during summer if my memory serves me well. So it was less luxury and fewer options in the 70s and 80s going to the movies in Ocean County lol. Meg Boulden Meg Boulden




As far as today, we have all kinds of options when it comes to theatres. Different style seating, tons of food options and drinks, and locations. We even have screen choices like 2-D, 3-D, and IMAX screenings. So yes it's a bit different now at the movies. The "sound" has also definitely improved and it brings you right into the action.
 Rudy Dong Rudy Dong



According to Trip Advisor, the most luxurious movie theatre here in New Jersey is in Atlantic City. Trip Advisor selected the IMAX Theatre at the Tropicana as the best. "Tropicana's IMAX Theatre, located on the third floor of The Quarter, seats 280. Crystal-clear images projected up to five-and-a-half stories high and digital surround sound awaken the senses and captivate the imagination. The IMAX Theatre at Tropicana offers both IMAX DMR (digital media remastering) and IMAX 3D, the most advanced 3D film technology in use. The theatre provides viewers with polarized glasses that reveal the stunning 3D images. The Tropicana Difference: The IMAX Theatre at Tropicana is the only Giant Screen Certified IMAX Theatre in Southern New Jersey and the only movie theatre in Atlantic City."
 Chase Yi Chase Yi




I'll be honest, sometimes IMAX can be almost too overwhelming and maybe not be my first pic for a film, especially an action movie. Have you been to the IMAX at the Trop? let us know what you thought.

Do you have another theatre you think is the best in Jersey? Share your recommendations below and let us know we always love your feedback.



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