I think it's fair to say that the extensive roadwork that has been extending along Route 166 from Old Freehold Road across Route 37 and just past Highland Parkway has been just a little dragged out.

But with concrete barriers going up and a turn-only lane being marked on the south side of 37 in recent weeks, another sign that the long trudge toward completion is moving forward has shown up with the long dormant light at Highland Parkway being activated.

The lights have been silently overlooking the 3-way intersection for months, but when I took a lunch run down Main Street today, I saw something that it seemed like we'd never see - the lights had been switched on.

37 And Highland Parkway

I don't pass through that intersection every day (let's be honest, if we can avoid that area I think most of us do!), but I was last week, so I know that the lights had been fired up in the last few days.

So now, the intersection that has been glacially transforming since 2016(!) has finally taken shape this summer.

Here's what's new:

  • A concrete barrier now separates traffic between Highland Parkway and Route 37.
  • Southbound, the left lane is straight only and the right lane is turn only.
  • The new light controls traffic both north and southbound on 166, as well as on Highland Parkway.

It remains to be seen how these changes will impact traffic flow, there isn't much distance between Highland Parkway and Route 37, will traffic get hopelessly backed up on the southbound side when the light turns red?

If you've driven this stretch since the changes have been implemented, what do you think? Does the drive seem to be smoother through there?

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