There is an upcoming fundraiser happening here in Toms River on April 23rd that will support the organization “Stop Soldier Suicide”. It’s an event being conducted by the local organization “Ocean County Causes” it will take place Saturday, April 23rd at the Fischer Bay Plaza Outdoor Parking Area on Fischer Boulevard beginning at 11 am.


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The fundraiser will feature the Jersey Shore Burpee Challenge. Ok your asking “what is a burpee?” its an exercise that combines push-ups with cardio and they are challenging, especially if your doing hundreds of them. For every dollar donated the team will be doing a “burpee” to support Stop Soldier Suicide. According to Wikipediathe burpee, a squat thrust with an additional stand between repetitions, is a full body exercise used in strength training. The movement itself is primarily an anaerobic exercise, but when done in succession over a longer period can be utilized in as an aerobic exercise.” Richard Catabay Richard Catabay


I sat down and spoke with Michael Manz and Brandon Lombardo to talk about the fundraiser and how you at home can get involved and help out our military members and veterans through Stop Soldier Suicide.



We have lost too many of our brothers and sisters in arms — people we lived and served alongside and counted as family. Our promise is this: we will not stand by while our friends are in crisis. We will rally together as allies, as family, as a community to do everything in our power to change the data on veteran suicide.” Stop Soldier Suicide


For more information on becoming part of the Jersey Shore Burpee Challenge call 732-575-9244.


Ocean County Causes
Ocean County Causes


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