I am not one to really care that much, but there’s been pumpkin spice everywhere now for weeks!

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Some would say that is just too much too early.  It wasn’t even Labor Day before the first sign of that orange spice showed up.  Well, it’s here to stay.  At least for a little while.

Embrace it...

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Another sign that the Halloween season is upon us is the sight of those Halloween costume pop-up stores.  Admit it, you already went in to at least browse!

Movies are starting to reveal a Halloween flair.  Jamie Lee Curtis is back trying to hunt down Michael Myers, in the new edition to the Halloween franchise.  The new feature is entitled, Halloween Kills.

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It opens October 15, 2021, and is set to be “bloodier than the last movie”.  There’s a great Halloween movie sales pitch.

Another spooky and even kooky storyline makes its return this October.  The animated Addams Family franchise is back with the Addams Family2, opening October 1, 2021.

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In this new adventure, we find Morticia and Gomez distressed about the notion that their children are coming of age and distancing themselves from the family.

In an effort to reclaim their family, the unusual couple decides to plan a normal family vacation.  And you thought the Griswold’s were dysfunctional.

Many may not know this but the Addams Family saga comes with New Jersey roots.

Westfield New Jersey is the birthplace of The Addams Family.  More like the home of their creator.  Charles “Chas” Addams.   Addams was born in Westfield on January 7, 1912, and became a famous artist for his cartoons in The New Yorker.

In 1932, the first Addams Family illustration appeared.

Years later a short-lived TV show was created, which then spawned the aforementioned movie franchise.

The house that inspired the Addams Family’s dwelling is also in Westfield. It’s located near the intersection of Dudley Avenue and Elm Street in Westfield.  Addams himself lived close by and would pass this house on a daily basis as he walked to school.

In fact, his house located at 522 Elm Street in Westfield was registered as a historic landmark by the Westfield Historical Society.

The City of Westfield really has embraced its connection to The Addams Family.  Including the annual festival, Addamsfest.  The festival returns this October.

Signs of the Addams Family legacy can also be spotted everywhere, including on the side of the city's police cars.

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