I have always been interested in politics but except for a short period when I was just old enough to vote I’ve remained on the sidelines when it comes to being involved in any campaigns and it will likely stay that way in the future.

Whether it’s a local election for the school board or President of the United States I have my opinions but I usually keep them to myself unless I’m engaged in conversation with those I’m comfortable with.  More so than ever in this day and age politics can ruin friendships, business relationships, even marriages.

With that said how did we get to where we are today and maybe even more concerning is where will we be in the next 5, 10 or 20 years?  I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a registered Republican although I have crossed party lines on several occasions to vote for who I thought was the best candidate, regardless of party affiliation.

However when I see what’s happening in Washington I truly wonder what has happened to the Republican Party that I grew up with and for the most part believed in.  While I hate labels I would be considered a moderate and there might have been a time when that put me in the majority. However being in the center today seems like the minority position with most people advocating either extreme left-wing politics or extreme right-wing politics.

By the way despite my disappointment with the direction of the GOP I’m not exactly jumping on the Democratic bandwagon because again I’m seeking the middle.  If you think the era of the center is over when it comes to basketball that’s nothing compared to national politics.

I know I’m not alone in truly despising what we have come to, a society of lefties and righties who spew hate and vitriol at one another to a level we have never seen before.  The same people who promise to represent US at the highest level of government abandon that principal once they get to Washington to instead march with their political party.

It’s inconceivable that you could have 100 senators and 435 members of the congress vote strictly along party lines but that’s what often takes place because it’s party over the people.

It’s despicable and there’s no end in sight.


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