I don’t know how, when and why it started or who to blame but clearly one of the things lost or at least forgotten in our country is open-minded dialogue.

It’s something that has developed over the years and will clearly ramp-up during this presidential election season as by November our country will even be further divided which is almost hard to imagine.

There was a time when you could have a discussion about politics and other issues in a calm manner and often ended up simply agreeing to disagree. That seems to be out the window.

Now if you’re on opposites sides it’s no longer a discussion but an argument and each side is likely to dig in and defend their turf like it’s a one-on-one debate although those might be more civil.  Voices raise, faces turn red, bodies clench and friends all of a sudden become enemies over issues they have no control of.

Universal healthcare, gun control, vaccines, religious freedom, minimum wage, climate change, legalizing marijuana, immigration reform, racism, transgender rights, animal rights, Mets/Yankees and of course Donald J. Trump.  These are all issues that can easily come up in discussions when you’re having dinner with family or friends and result in someone getting stuck with the check because someone else left early.

We have always had differences of opinion but it seems now more than ever we’re drawing lines in the sand and if YOU cross that line then you’re the bad guy.

Look at what has happened on Facebook and Twitter as many use social media to not only offer their opinions on today’s controversial issues but insist theirs is the final word and if you disagree, well,  you’re an idiot.

By the way Facebook is really better served to show pictures and videos of your 8-year old grandson smiling and laughing. Nobody is really offended by that, at least not yet.

Healthy debate is good but what we have today is very different and frankly not very healthy.



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