One of the most popular movies in theaters right now is causing a big headache for the current owners of the real life home that the movie is about.

Here in Ocean County, we know from haunted houses. Of course the 1979 classic The Amityville Horror was filmed right here in Toms River, and last year we had the whole "is it or isn't it haunted" People's Court drama right around the corner in Toms River as well.

And now, with the paranormal hit The Conjuring raking in ticket sales at the theaters right now, another home has become a magnet for thrill seekers.

The only problem is, the current owners say it's not haunted (well, at least not any longer).

In a Facebook posting, current owner Norma Sutcliffe says,

I am the current owner of the Perron home. I want the public to know We have nothing to do with the movie Conjuring made no money and not associated to the Perron story. We have love this home for 25 years never had a negative experience. Now we are besieged. By thrill seekers trespassing threats of breakiins and harassing phone calls we are an older couple and our health And safety is threatened Warner Bros New Line Cinema does not care how this effects us and refuses to help this is a preserved historical site and should be respected. Please pass this on the all your Facebook and twitter friends thank you. (sic)

Unfortunately, it's situations like this that give paranormal investigators a bad name. We work hard to foster good relationships with property owners, private families, and local residents.

Usually, with private homes, it works something like this - if they don't reach out to us, we don't bother them. If there are a lot of local stories that sparks my interest, I'll go to email first since it's non-invasive. If they don't respond or respond with "no, thank you", we leave them alone. But nothing can disturb someone's peace and quiet more than the phone ringing off the hook, strangers knocking on the door, and people lurking around their property.

You have to feel sorry for the Sutcliffe family, by no fault of their own, Hollywood has conjured up some serious headaches.

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