First, let's just talk carrots. I personally love carrots, one of my favorite snacks is just chomping on some fresh carrot sticks. I guess if you are not a huge fan of carrots, the idea of carrot "dessert" may not be for you.


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Don't let me lose you, if you have never had carrot cake you need to try and you just might find how delicious this dessert is. Carrot cake is very popular and for many, it's a "yes please" when someone places a carrot cake on the table for dessert.



Some people love carrot cake with frosting and some prefer a plain cake with no added frosting. However, if you like your carrot cake both versions can be delicious. For me, I think I would go for the "no" frosting version. That and a nice cup of coffee and I am a very happy camper. Steward Masweneng
Steward Masweneng


If you love carrot cake I have good news! According to Eat This Dot Com, we have the best carrot cake in New Jersey and it is one of the best in America. The article awarded "Sweet" in Hoboken as the best carrot cake in the Garden State. "Located right across the river from New York City is Sweet, the Hoboken bakery that specializes in scratch-made baked goods. Whether you grab one of their carrot cake cupcakes to go or place an order for their carrot cakes to serve at a birthday party, you will not be disappointed."

Have you ever been to Sweet? Is it that good? Have you tried the carrot cake? In addition, where do you love to get your carrot cake here at the Shore? Do you bake your own? Share your thoughts and post your comments below.


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