Tonight's the's the night you've been waiting for..who will Andi choose?

It's The Bachelorette on ABC.  I've been watching for a couple of weeks now and I've got to be honest with you, I'm not sure about either of the men she's choosing tonight.  I liked Chris, but he was booted off a couple of weeks ago.

If you're not familiar with ABC's The Bachelor and The's about this lucky girl or guy who chooses whom she / he wants to marry on this TV show..I know not real life all the time, but some believe it or not have made it.  Remember Tristan and Ryan--they actually have a family and are still married.

So will Andi live happily ever after?  We'll find out tonight.  Will it be Nick or Josh?

Here's a clip if you've never seen the show here's a sneak peak at tonight's finale:

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