So when you think of delicious food many of you will automatically flash to "Italian". It's a style of cooking that is loved around the world. Italian recipes are some of the most delicious in the world. That being said, we love our "Italian" here in Ocean County!

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I decided to find out what are some of the BEST Italian restaurants here in Ocean County by going to the experts...YOU at home. Who better to ask than the folks that live right here in Ocean County and who visit these fantastic restaurants.

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This week I asked YOU at home to nominate your favorite Italian restaurants and we will put them to a vote and YOU at home will decide the best of the best!

Take a moment to vote below and click on your FAVORITE and share with your friends and family and anyone who enjoys delicious Italian food here in Ocean County! Vote Now and Good Luck to all the restaurants! Results Monday ....



For often and be sure to share so that your favorite gets the most votes as our "Listener Choice" contest :)


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