Someone Has To Finish Last, Right?

I usually like to do "the best" instead of "the worst" but let's face it when you're grading and making a list someone must finish last. I feel we have great beaches here in the Garden State so to be a beach here in New Jersey is a good thing, but when I came across an article this summer that featured a complete list and ranking for 45 beaches here in the state I took an approach of looking at the final 5. We all have read about the "best" but where is considered the least attractive? Maybe these supposed "least attractive" are actually hidden gems and are quieter with less traffic than the alleged "best". Let's see who they selected and who was in the bottom 5 in Jersey.


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The 5 worst beaches in New Jersey 2024


Atlantic City

According to, People may enjoy the boardwalk and casinos that like the beach but "Unfortunately, A.C.’s actual beach isn’t exactly pristine and the billboards surrounding the the beach are a major vibe-killer."



Monmouth Beach

It does not appear like the writers liked this beach at all, "there is zero reason to visit Monmouth Beach unless you live within walking distance, the beach did appear better kept upon our visit this year." It would appear that privacy is a plus at Monmouth Beach.



Known for its massive boardwalk area and attractions, this well-known Jersey beach town didn't score high for its beach. "The literal hike from the boardwalk to the water. The stretch of sand you have to traverse to even get your toes wet is so long they literally have beach taxis." I look at it as at least you will get your steps in, right?



Not a lot was said about this beach accept it didn't appear a fav of the writers.


Bay Head

One beach had to be the final one or the so-called "worst" and this year it went to Bay Head. "A beautiful little beach town, sure, but its little beach is dull bordering on depressing." They did mention it was a good place to look for Bruce.


See the complete list of 45 beaches in New Jersey from They "judged only oceanfront beaches (no bay, lake or riverfront) on beach quality, cleanliness, crowd type and size, parking availability, and surrounding food, drink and recreation."


NJ Worst Beaches


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