'Tis the season! Yes, it is the holiday season, but along with that we're also continuing a WOBM tradition - Christmas Cash is back!

We wanted to share some ideas about what you could do this holiday season when you're the next winner of $1,000 in Christmas Cash:

  • Beata Becla - ThinkStock
    Beata Becla - ThinkStock

    Spoil Everyone

    Usually, we go into the holiday season with a general idea of a gift budget (whether we can actually stick to that budget or not is a whole other story). Adding an extra $1,000 to that budget would certainly make for some fun surprises when your loved ones start cracking into their presents!

  • ryasick - ThinkStock
    ryasick - ThinkStock

    Save It Up

    Speaking of budgets, a whole lot of us are feeling the crunch of today's economy. An extra $1,000 could go a long way to helping ease at least some of that burden!

  • Okea - ThinkStock
    Okea - ThinkStock


    As we get ready to award the Vacation of a Lifetime tonight, travel is on the minds of a lot of us here in Ocean County. Want to get out of the cold for the winter? Or maybe just take a trip to a new destination? That thousand bucks could get you to a lot of cool places!

  • Tony Link Design - ThinkStock
    Tony Link Design - ThinkStock

    Make Donations

    During the holiday season, a lot of us are thinking not only of the less fortunate, but also of organizations that we care about. Whether you decide to play Santa yourself and make a big gift to someone or an organization, or spread a little of it out to a couple of different places, generosity is a great way to get some warm & fuzzies this holiday season!

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    Ingram Publishing - ThinkStock

    Turn That $1k into $10k

    You've heard us talking about it on the air - Christmas Cash doesn't end with $1,000 twice a day every workday in November! That $1,000 could turn into $10,000 in the snap of a finger.

    But there's one catch...

    Actually, I'm not even going to call it a "catch" because it doesn't cost a thing, it barely takes any effort, and you won't end up being spammed to death with unwanted mail - all you have to do is be a member of the Loyal Listener Club (which is always free to join!) and click here to get entered right now!

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