I love visiting Atlantic City, either for a day or night or a long weekend.

From the shows, the food, the boardwalk, and the casinos.

Recently, I asked which Atlantic City casino is your favorite. I had so many emails and Facebook messages about "your" favorite Atlantic City casino.

tsm south jersey
tsm south jersey

It was funny because so many husbands, just like mine do not like gambling. But, we women love it, what's that all about? When asking you what is your favorite casino most of you love it for gambling, more than the shows or restaurants. There is something so very iconic about the Atlantic City boardwalk, I always have fun taking a stroll on the boards.

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The five casinos that made the top of the list were Bally's, Trop, Hard Rock, Borgata, and Caesar's. I know there are some more great ones, but these were the tops on "your" list. I'll have the countdown to the number one casino you love the most in Ocean County.

The list of favorite things you love to do when going to Atlantic City: Playing the slots (my favorite, also), going to dinner, and seeing a show. Those were the top three things that were the most popular in Ocean County.

The penny slots are always the most fun for me. I used to always go to AC with my Mom and Dad, it's always such a great memory of the three of us having a blast at my Dad's favorite place, Caesar's.

The 5 Best Atlantic City, Casinos Chosen By You

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