We found it. The most crave-worthy dessert you can ever dream up. Leave it to Jersey to create a dessert so off-the-charts delicious that they have to keep it a secret...

Since 2004, The Godfather in East Hanover, New Jersey has been serving up the most fantastic dessert you will ever put in your mouth...Their slogan is "the pizza you can't refuse" but it needs to say, "the dessert you can't refuse". Fuhgeddaboudit.  This dessert has become so popular, if they publicize it, they fear they won't be able to keep up with the demand. Sorry guys...I have to tell my listeners about this so get ready to hire more staff.

The outside of The Godfather East Hanover, New Jersey. Photo credit: Shannon Holly

This falls under the category of "if you know then you know" because this dessert is not even listed on their online menu. I introduce to you, the Fruitella Pie. I'm telling you that it will change your life forever.

Shannon's daughter, Fia, holding the coveted Fruitella Pie. Photo credit: Shannon Holly

The Fruitella Pie is a dessert pizza that The Godfather created and perfected. First of all, it is authentic down to the main ingredient, Nutella. I was informed by one of the managers that Nutella in the local stores is actually manufactured somewhere in the Midwest. The Godfather however has taken the steps to get their Nutella shipped straight from Italy...yeah, they're not playin' around.

The Godfather of East Hanover Photo credit: Shannon Holly

First, their pizza dough is baked to perfection. Then, the Nutella is spread nice and thick all over the crust. Next, they add fresh sliced fruits of your choice. We got strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries (some get banana but we skip it). Then they drizzle white chocolate sauce on top and then finish it with some mint leaves.  Oh. My. Gawd.

Close up of the Fruitella Pie. Photo credit: Shannon Holly

As you can see, the Fruitella pie does not last long in our house. My husband Tony got home from work and was quick to claim his two slices before the tie even came off.

Shannon's husband, Tony wolfing down his two slices. Photo credit: Shannon Holly

OK, so if you are a traditionalist and you don't want to get cute with your pizza, under normal circumstances I get it. For example, if you eat pineapple on a non-desert pizza I vote you get ejected from Jersey altogether.  Hawaiian pizza? Freakin' beat it.  If you want real pizza options for dinner they got the best in town...

Serving up hot and fresh pies all day and night long. Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Godfather not only has many kinds of pizza, they also have entrees from chicken parm to seafood.  Their pies fly off the shelves so they make them fresh all night long...

Made fresh...Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Dinner is one thing...BUT I'm telling you to open your mind to the desert everyone orders and no one talks about...the Fruitella Freaking Pie! You'll thank me. xo

Shannon's daughter, Bella bringing home the family favorite desert. Photo credit: Shannon Holly

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