This could be the weirdest article I have ever written.

There is that pink house when you're going over the bridge to Seaside. Do you know it? It's pastel pink.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Every time I drive over the bridge to Toms River my eyes go directly to the left to that pink house. I'm not trying to be a "creeper" or a stalker of any kind, but I just want to know is the house a rental or year-round living house? It looks so fun. I just want one night in there. One sleepover.

I thought, I write articles on WOBM every day, and someone might know the owner. Why not use it for my own good? Sorry, not sorry. Well, maybe I'm feeling a little, a very little bit of guilt. Just a sleepover is what I'm asking for... or I'll just take a walk-through.

Call me crazy - I know you have seen this pink house before and maybe you thought the same thing. It looks like something you'd see on the beaches in Florida or on the TV show "Beverly Hills 90210", maybe something in Vegas, but no it's in Toms River.👇👇

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

The "pink" house is right on the lagoon in Toms River and it's shaped just like a mini-mansion with a deck. As I said, I couldn't get real close. Although, I could rent a boat or ask a friend with a boat to get closer. (That is stalker-ish, I won't do that). I can't tell if it has a pool. In my dreams, it does.

So, if you know the owner, the renter, or whomever please tell them that Sue Moll, that gal that's on the radio with Shawn Michaels in the mornings from the Shawn & Sue Morning Show on 92.7 WOBM would love to have a sleep-over...JUST one night, please.

Oh, I know this is shameful, but I really do LOVE this house. The color, the shape, and everything else.

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