With millions of fans around the world, it's safe to say many are sad to hear about the passing of David Cassidy.  He was a huge teen idol in the 70s; on TV's "Partridge Family," on concert stages, and on countless magazine covers.  And yes many of those magazine covers were taped onto fans' walls and school lockers.  My sister and I were among those who adored David Cassidy.  We both recall the thrill of seeing him at Madison Square Garden wearing his white jacket with fringe on the arms.  That was in the early 70s.

And we both recall getting to see him in Atlantic City in the 90s.  One of the perks of the DJ job is that I got to meet him after the show.  He was friendly, personable, and seemed very happy to perform for and meet with his fans.   Though gone now, he had a whole life of people saying how much they've loved him.  It must feel amazing to know you've positively influenced so many people.

What is it about musicians that makes such an impact on us?  I feel a bit melancholy today because of the news of Cassidy's passing and also because this is the 20th anniversary of the death of Michael Hutchence of INXS.  When in his home country of Australia a few years ago, I explained to my nephew what a gifted musician he was and how, at age 37, he left us too soon.  I got my laptop out and showed him some INXS videos so he could hear the guy's voice and lyrics.  And then we watched some concert footage so he could see why Hutchence was one of the greatest frontmen ever with "an excess" of moves and charisma!

So as we get ready for Thanksgiving, I guess I just wanted to write this post to say I'm thankful for all the lead singers I've admired over the years.  Every generation seems to have its teen idols.  Music plays such a big part in our lives, it's no wonder that we feel a loss on a day like today.  And on the day John Lennon died.  And Prince.  And Michael Jackson.  And Ricky Nelson.  The list could continue so feel free to use the Comments section to say who you had a crush on growing up, or whose music really influenced you as a teen.




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