When and where will the Toms River Fire Company #1's 77th Halloween Parade be televised? It seems to be a very popular question at the Jersey Shore today. The answer? 

The parade is not broadcast live on television, but that is okay. It will air throughout the week on the Toms River Regional Schools tv station, TV21. In fact, the parade's coverage will be hosted by our own Justin Louis and Marianne Levy from our sister station WOBM-AM.

The pair hosted last year's festivities, and it was definitely must watch TV. I watched their coverage, and it reminded me of one thing: Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin's New Year's Eve party on CNN. It'll be a great way to spend a night this week with your whole family.

Check Channel 21 for the times the parade airs, but in past years, they replay it pretty frequently so you shouldn't miss it. You can always set your DVR devices as well to make sure you don't miss it.