Big Name Stores are Coming to Southern Ocean County!
With any luck we will see a Panera Bread and a Chick-fil-A under contruction sometime in the spring ~ Stafford Township Administrator James Moran
Shoppers in Southern Ocean County will be seeing some new neighbors! Recently Kmart closed it's store on Route 72 in Manahawkin and everyone&apo…
Ode To America's Original Outlet Store
I remember in Reading seeing buses from all over the Northeast. As the first outlet center in America, VF was quite the destination. It's where we'd go to stock up on jeans, underwear, socks, sweatshirts, and bathrobes. Soon other brands would be available there so we bought shoes, tool…
Where Do You Get Your Fashion Inspiration?
Do you pay attention to what's en vogue? Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Is it from magazines? From photos of celebs on the red carpet? From e-mails sent by the stores you patronize? Or do you just buy what catches your eye at the store?

Adults Who Love School Supplies Too
I just Googled "obsessed with school supplies" and dozens of articles popped up! Apparently there are many adults who love wandering the office supply stores, like I do. So, be honest, do you stock up on supplies you really don't need? Do you gravitate towards the school supplies a…
How To Get What You Want From Customer Service
With a whole lot of people shopping today as Amazon's "Prime Day" has grown to become a shopper's delight on par with Black Friday, we can be sure that in addition to the joy of catching a deal, plenty of people will also have buyer's remorse.

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