Ocean First Bank

Wow That’s Tall !
It seems like it has been awhile since we first started talking about this building, probably has been a while, but the Ocean First building continues to grow and it’s coming down the wire now until it’s completed.
UPDATE: Additional Pics of Tallest Building in Toms River
This could possibly end up being the tallest building in Toms River. I may be forgetting some around town, but I think this building has the potential to be the tallest in Toms River Township. The Ocean First Bank Headquarters expansion on Hooper Avenue in Toms River could be the Townships tallest …
Photography Contest
I love photography! Every month I post my "photography" blog here at wobm.com. It's a fantastic hobby and so many love to do it as well. Here at the Jersey Shore we have fabulous opportunities to capture fantastic photos. With that being said, it's a great opportunity to …