'Punisher' Director Reveals 2017 Netflix Premiere?
This year will mark the first in which Marvel schedules three Netflix premieres, including Iron Fist in March, The Defenders in August, and Daredevil spinoff The Punisher. Marvel has yet to define the latter’s premiere beyond 2017, but a Punisher director may have given us a fall premiere.
Robert Downey Jr. Invites You to the ‘Infinity War’ Set
Wanna hang with Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland and the rest of the Avengers: Infinity War cast? Now’s your chance. Today Marvel launched its latest Omaze campaign with a new video, in which the eternally charismatic RDJ invites you to join him for a special trip to the set of Marvel’s …
Stan Lee Responds to ‘Spider-Man’ Mary Jane Casting Rumor
Late last week a pretty substantial rumor surfaced suggesting that Zenadaya’s secret role in Spider-Man: Homecoming is actually Mary Jane Watson. While neither Marvel nor Sony have confirmed or even responded to those rumors, it elicited an unfortunately predictable reaction from several fans…

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