Adorable School Video That Will Warm Your Heart
As we head to the end of the school year, we came across an adorable video from the Toms River Regional Schools .... what a great way to end the school year and head into summer here at the Jersey Shore !
This will make you smile and warm your heart ..... Happ...
Is your kindergarten student in a clique?
Greater access to computers and the Internet is helping children learn how to socialize earlier in life, but a number of New Jersey parents and teachers also may be noticing that kids are forming cliques at a much younger age, as soon as in kindergarten.
Kindergarten Is Not Mandatory in NJ [POLL/AUDIO]
Like a lot of people, Assemblyman Charles Mainor had no idea that kids in the Garden State do not have to go to kindergarten. Mainor and a trio of other Assembly members have introduced a bill to force children to go to kindergarten and to lower the age at which they have to start attending school.