Pick Your Own! New Jersey's 14 Best Apple Orchards And Farms
New Jersey is home to some of the best fruits and vegetables on the planet, which means they come out of the best orchards and farms. Whether you're looking for a fun family activity or simply want some amazing tasting apples, these are the best locations to do so throughout New Jersey.
See an Awesome Way to Get Around Your Property [Video]
Most of us, when we want to get from one part of our property to another have to walk. Some, who have particularly large properties may take a bike or even a golf cart, if you're well off. But you have got to check out this guy's personal NJ Transit system to get from one place to another …
Take A Break And Smile Today….[Cute Animal Pictures]
I don't know what it is but there is nothing better than looking at cute animal pictures.  They make me smile, laugh and sometime tear up.  It's either a family of animals, friends of animals playing or just an animal by itself in all of his or her glory and beauty.&nbs…