What does it take to be an EMT at the Jersey Shore?
For calls both small and large, EMT's are always on call and ready to respond and make sure everyone affected by an accident or medical emergency is treated right away. On day three of our series on first responders, we learn what it takes to be an EMT.
More About ICE: In Case of Emergency
My post yesterday about putting health information and emergency numbers into iPhones got a lot of views so I'm going to say more about the topic today.  I've been trying to get simple instructions that might help you Android users but they're hard to find...
This Phone Feature Could Save Your Life
I came upon some information that could be life-saving so I want to share it with you.  Your iPhone has a place where emergency personnel can get important information without needing your passcode.  It took just a few minutes to enter my information and now I feel better knowing, in case of emergen…
Developing - House Fire Blazes in Toms River
UPDATE - Toms River Police have confirmed a house fire on Gold Street. Several sources confirm that it's the home of former Toms River Mayor Roden Lightbody and his wife Novella "Pugs" Lightbody. They were not injured in the fire but a relative said they lost one of their two …

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