Do You Still Have Dreams About Schoool?
Yesterday, I stopped by Toms River High School East to chat with the TV-21 folks about the broadcast for this weekend's Halloween parade. As I was leaving, I had a familiar feeling wash over me as the classes just changed.
What’s The Scariest Thing You’ve Done?
I was just chatting with a friend who is seriously considering making a major life move. Basically to move away from where he's been for most of his life to a completely new city to shoot for his dreams. It's exciting, but scary.
If You Could Do Your Passion, Would You?
If you're lucky enough to be doing your passion every day...that's awesome.  If you're like so many who are not, I'm not sure if you heard of this, but on USA Television Network, there's a new show beginning April 11th, 2013, and it's doing just that with "…

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