Commencement: New Beginnings
I was really inspired over the weekend, attending ceremonies to mark my nephew's graduation from Villanova University.  Don't laugh but I actually took notes, wanting to remember some of the great soundbites from the different speeches!
A theme that ran through many of them was &qu…
What Advice To Give Ocean County’s Graduates?
It's graduation season and we've been seeing footage of famous people giving commencement addresses.  The goal for the person at the podium is to share wisdom and inspiration that will prepare the grads for the real world.  People like Oprah, I'm sure, have a knack for those…
Jon Bon Jovi At Rutgers
Graduates of Rutgers-Camden got a treat earlier today when Jon Bon Jovi, who was there to receive an honorary degree, whipped out a guitar and serenaded the students with a never before heard song, "Reunion". Check it out for yourself: