Brandon Holt

Holzapfel gun access restriction bill advances
Under New Jersey law, leaving a loaded firearm unsecured so that it ends up in a minor's hands is a disorderly-persons charge. Legislation that arose after a Toms River six-year-old was shot by his four-year-old friend is halfway to criminalizing it.
Toms River Dad Pleads Guilty
35-year-old Anthony Senatore of Toms River faces three years in prison after pleading guilty to leaving unsecured loaded weapons in his house that his 4-year-old son used to fatally shoot his 6-year-old freind last year. According to NJ...
Unsecured Firearms Measure Passes in the State Senate
The State Senate passes a bill to toughen penalties against reckless gun owners if a child gains access to their loaded firearm and injures or kills another person. The bill (S-516), sponsored by shore State Senator Jim Holzapfel (R-10), would change the law from a disorderly persons offense to a th…
father not in court
The father of the four-year-old Toms River boy, who fatally shot his six-year-old friend last month while they were playing outside, was expected in court today, but according to his attorney, he will likely not be there.