When I first moved back home to NJ and came to the Shore, it definitely made an impression on me that just about every fast food chain was easy to find throughout the county.

There have to be about 300 McDonald's locations in Ocean County, and Wendy's & Burger King are plentiful, too.

But I was surprised to find that Taco Bells were a bit harder to find, with only 4 locations in Ocean County; Brick, a pair in Toms River, and one more in Manahawkin.

But soon, it'll get easier when a new Taco Bell location in the middle of the county opens.

Photo by Joe Cosaluzzo

Construction is progressing at a rapid pace at the Kohl's and Home Depot plaza on Route 9 in Lacey Township, as the soon-to-be Taco Bell has already begun the hiring process.

According to a banner in front of the site, those interested in joining the Taco Bell team can email njfastfood@gmail.com or call 908-812-4200.

Just down the fence is another banner announcing that March is the target to open. We'll keep you updated when a specific date is announced!


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