A suspicious bag found inside a sketchy looking van led to roadways surrounding the Marlboro Commons Shopping Center being shut down while police investigated the package on Friday afternoon around 4:23 pm.

Marlboro Police responded and investigated the suspicious vehicle parked at the Marlboro Commons Shopping Center located at the intersection of Route 9 and Route 520.

They then discovered an old school bus that was in the process of being converted to private use and inside was a large bag wrapped in what appeared to be electrical wires in the front of the vehicle which drew an immediate red flag.

After police began shutting down the area, the owner of the vehicle was found a short time later and investigators learned that the bag contained material needed for the construction of a compost toilet.

Police say that the material and wires posed no threat to the public and the roadways were then opened to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

"The Marlboro Township Police would like to thank the citizens for continuing to forwarding information concerning suspicious vehicles, persons and activity," Captain Fred Reck said.

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