Berkeley Township police, digging into details of the weekend attack reported by two workers in a Route 9 fast-food shop in Bayville, bring charges against one suspect while the investigation continues.

Berkeley Township police cruiser
Berkeley Township police cruiser (Facebook)

Kwasi Mayweather, 31, of Bayville, was arrested on a disorderly-persons charge in connection with the dustup that involved a manager and employee at about 11:30 PM on April 9, said Police Chief Karin Dimichele.

The manager told officers that a customer at the drive-through window, after the shop closed, began beating on it, complaining about the contents of the order, and was advised to return the next day for a credit.

The 19-year-old said that the customer threw the bag of food at his face, punched him, and closed the window on the manager's hand.

A 21-year-old employee reported accosting the customer and another individual in the parking lot, and being slashed on the wrist with a knife. Both were given hospital treatment.

Police said that no sufficient evidence existed to charge the second individual, and that details of the alleged stabbing and related injuries are still being investigated.

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