Recently I wrote an article that featured the "richest towns" in New Jersey, so this time around I wanted to shift to the other side of the spectrum and share the "poorest towns" in all of New Jersey. Obviously a much different story for these towns that were at the bottom of the list in the Garden State.

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In this article, I'm going to list the Top 10 "poorest" towns in New Jersey. I found the foundation for this article in an article from, they gave info for the least wealthy towns, including the "poorest" town in all of New Jersey. added "A note about the data: The ranking was based on median household income data from U.S. Census Bureau. Poverty rates were also included, since a low household median income does not necessarily translate into poverty. The ranking includes only towns with population above 10,000, as lower population areas tend to skew rates and have higher margins of error."

These towns are obviously having a hard time and we hope that in the future they will find a way to improve the conditions in their town. Some have already begun efforts to revitalize their community and we hope nothing but the best in the future for them.

TOP 10 "Poorest Towns" in New Jersey

10. Irvington Township

9. Asbury Park

8. Orange

7. Bridgeton City

6. Trenton

5. Paterson

4. Passaic City

3. Newark City

2. Atlantic City

1. Camden City


What town on this list surprises you the most? Which town does not surprise you at all? Let us know your thoughts, and post your comments below.

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