It's so nice to see so many local businesses supporting the efforts that are helping the people of Ukraine during their time of need.

The Bagel Nook, with locations in the Princeton Shopping Center on Harrison Street in Princeton, and on Village Center Drive in Freehold, is the latest to lend a hand.

All this weekend they're doing what they do best, making the coolest looking bagels around, but, these are extra special. Starting today (March 18th) through Sunday (March 20th), stop into either location and grab some bagels that have been made with the colors of Ukraine...a beautiful blue and yellow. Grab one or a dozen to share with family and friends because 100% of the proceeds will go directly to help the people in Ukraine affected by the crisis with Russia.

The money raised will go to World Central organization that's been providing meals to Ukrainians as they walk across the border to safety in Poland. They've been there around the clock with hot, nourishing food for the over 1 million people escaping the danger. Amazing.

Here are the bagels, if you'd like to support this cause. They look delicious, don't they?

If you're watching the Ukraine crisis unfold and have wanted to help but didn't know how, here's an easy way to offer support. You'll love these bagels. You can also order them online through Goldbelly. Click here to order.

If you've never been to The Bagel Nook before, you're really missing out. It's such a fun experience. Check out the menu by clicking here. The Bagel Nook is home of the Original Overload Bagels. They're huge and loaded with your favorite things. The Oreo and the Cookie Dough Overloads are my favorite. You must try them.

Thank you for your support.


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