This is what I love about my job here at the radio station.  We get to meet some of the most wonderful people.  They're fun, community minded people that just are fantastic.  This guy is number one in my books!  He graduated from Central Regional last year and now attends college. You might know him if you shop at the Shop-Rite in Bayville, or you might know him from Central Regional High School, or from Ocean County College, or maybe from "The Chat" (Central Regional High School's TV Show)..either way one day you will know him!

He's following his dream and does a show on his youtube channel, JoeRaccNow and will eventually end up in New York.  I just know he will!  He interviews people from the community and I was lucky enough to be a part of his show.  We are having fun here with Bean Boozled while he interviewed me!  I kept getting the "bad" jellybeans:

And he got me bagels and munchkins..does he know me or what?  Check out our entire interview on JoeRaccNow on youtube!  There were so many laughs...It was a blast!  Thanks again Joey!  You are a star!

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