Walk On Be Motivated--WOBM-- a listener called in with that one, I love it.  A play on words!  So this is new for 2014.  Everyday I'm going to record me out and walking.  I've said on the radio many times I'm not a fan of walking but I think it does the body so well.  So this is my change for the New year.  It's for my health and also I'll walk with my daughter so it'll be great to talk to her while we walk and bond together.  So each week I'll let you in my world of walking..I don't know how interesting it will be but it's important for me to share it with you.

My cholesterol is a little high than it should be, so my doctor has me walking briskly for 30 minutes every day.  I said to her I'm walking everyday (well almost every day) and she said, "Walk faster!"  So we'll see, hopefully I won't need medication.  Let's get moving together!  Taffy is loving these walks!