Did you see the video clip of the beagle who got distracted during her agility competition?  Poor Mia.  She didn't win the show but DID win a lot of hearts.  Everyone, except maybe the judges, could understand that she was just being a dog.

The adorable clip got me thinking of my own funny hound.  How excited she gets when she sees a bunny rabbit.  How focused she gets when she tracks the scent of a deer or fox.   Those are examples of her doing what she's wired to do as a dog and I love seeing her natural instincts.

What I don't understand is why she barks at seemingly harmless things.  Like Christmas decorations, statues, and a little girl who was wearing those cute ear muffs with cat ears on them.  Did Taylor think she was a real cat?  I thought she was smarter than that!

So let's use this post as a place to share the cute or odd traits of your pet.  What inanimate object is your animal afraid of?  What does your pet have a "strange" reaction to?



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