As we continue our Asbury Park Boardwalk Tour for the summer of 2021 we make our latest stop only to find out that this store is, well, not a store at all. We should clarify that it's not just a store.This store is more of an attraction. And you could tell that from the name of the store. We make our latest stop at. Bettie's Bombshells.

So why is this store an attraction? Well according to the Bettie's Bombshell's Facebook page their goal is to, " to preserve the romance, significance, & awareness of legacies of the finest vintage Hollywood royalty".

So we spoke with Tara Elliot, owner of Bettie's Bombshells. Let's start with the name. It's inspired by Bettie Page, because Tara was personally inspired by her over the years, so her vintage clothing shop's name is an homage to her.

Tara is a renaissance woman who is an artist, musician, make-up artist, designer, producer and so much more, so her desire to respect, embrace and celebrate Hollywood and it's storied on past makes perfect sense.

And how about the amazing items in the store? The new 2021 line of clothing, 70% of which is designed by Tara herself, features this year's themes, including Marlene Dietrich inspired 1940's style power jumpsuits, Veronica Lake 1940's chiffon sleeves and 1960's Andy Warhol inspired pop art with Marilyn Monroe prints, featuring Tara's signature styles cut in Japanese fabric.

It's a store that really has to be experienced to understand, so get to the Asbury Park Boardwalk and check it out

And by the way, Bettie's Bombshell is celebrating their 7th anniversary with a fashion runway rock show at the Count Basie's Vogel Theater. For more info on the show, check out the Bettie's Bombshell Facebook page.

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