My friend was telling me about her plans to redecorate her home.  She said after living there for 50 years, it's time for a change.

She's married and living in the home she grew up in.  I pretty much left my childhood home when I left for college so it's hard for me to imagine spending 5 decades in the same place.  But that home really is home to my friend and she's looking forward to the next few decades there.  She loves the comfort and the memories that come from being in that space she once shared with her parents.

I started to wonder how many people do stay in the place where they were born.  I know there are many young professionals who move back in with their parents as a way to save money, or deal with a job loss.  But for many, the move is temporary.

Are you someone who is still living in your original childhood home?  For how many years have you lived there?  What's the best thing about staying put in Ocean County?


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