Steven Lonegan is throwing his hat into the political ring once again, declaring his intent to run for the 3rd District Congressional seat. The Tea Party Republican made his announcement Thursday afternoon to a crowd of some seventy five supporters at the Toms River Hotel.

"Very simply the government has become too big, too intrusive. It is growing bigger and bigger every day and we saw that in President Obama's State of the Union speech," said Lonegan.

Lonegan said his intent was to restore personal freedoms and work towards reducing the size of government, including repealing the Affordable Care Act.

The former Bagota mayor is no stranger to the political arena, having launched unsuccessful gubernatorial and senatorial campaigns against against Chris Christie and Corey Booker.

The seat in the Third District, which covers primarily Ocean and Burlington counties, is being made available after Congressman Jon Runyan's term is finished. Runyan has said he will not run for a third term.

Lonegan chose February 6th, what would have been President Ronald Reagan's 103rd birthday to make the announcement. Before speaking, Lonegan played a clip from Reagan's infamous "We The People" speech.