Stafford Township Police investigated a pair of car accidents on Sunday with different endings.

Police determined that Thomas Ronacher, 27, of Waretown was driving along Nautilus Drive in his 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee around 2:00/2:30 am when his vehicle suddenly left the road and traveled across several lawns before striking two other vehicles and a tree.

Several neighbors told police they heard a loud bang but the accident was not reported to police at that time and Ronacher's vehicles was not visible due to poor lighting in the area and its final resting position.

Police were alerted to the accident later on Sunday morning and responded to the area around 6:48 am where they also found that Ronacher had passed away.

If anyone has information regarding this incident, you're asked to contact Traffic Safety Officer Justin Pascale at (609) 597-1189 extension 8436 or at 

On Sunday afternoon, a Jeep caught fire in the drive-thru lane at Taco Bell and was pushed out of the way by a police officer who gave the vehicle a nudge to safety.

Officer Oler arrived in time to help the motorist get to safety.

Captain Steven Vaughn told WOBM News said there were no injuries in this incident and there was only minor damage to the Jeep.

"Officer Oler's action certainly prevented major damage," Vaughn said.

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